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Tourism has increased immensely in Pakistan since the last few years. The northern areas of Pakistan have the most beautiful valleys, rivers and mountains. When looking for Pakistan North areas tour packages, surely Naran Kaghan comes to our mind in a blink of an eye. Prominent for summer and honeymoon vacation spots in Pakistan, the Kaghan valley is exactly an ideal spot where panoramic views, mind-boggling mountain tops and natural splendor are seen everywhere you look. Kaghan valley has been a backbone of Pakistani tourism since the first day. The valley is also recognized as “Switzerland of Pakistan.”

Naran Kaghan valley is enclosed by beautiful mountains that cover themselves in the winter season with snowfall and in summer with eye-catching greenery. Apart from the hills and greenish landscape, the Kaghan valley is acknowledged for lakes and the highest point, Babusar top. Pakistani top three famous lakes (Saif ul Malook, Lulusar Lake & Ansoo Lake) exist in the Kaghan valley. Shogran Valley that sits on the way to Naran is well-known for its flower scenery, particularly a beautiful sequence of blooms that protects Lalazar spot is speechless. evaluated at the distance of 8,000 feet above from the sea-level.

The gateway of Naran & Kaghan Valley, Balakot is also famous for its hills and history. It is also known as the Land of Martyrs as famous Muslim revivalist Sayyid Ahmad Shaheed and his follower Shah Ismael embarrassed shahadat in 1831 in a battle against the Sikhs, and their graves are also in Balakot. Besides, you can also experience the Kunar River in Balakot. For these reasons, Kaghan Valley is considered the most captivating destinations in the Pakistan tourist industry. Make a fantastic trip to this exquisite getaway with your loved ones. To assist you, we offer you several Naran Kaghan tour packages solely designed by us for an amazing trip. With snow-covered hills, dense nature and captivating atmosphere, the Kaghan embraces a large number of visitors annually from all over Pakistan.

Although visiting Naran is possible as a solo travelers, it is best to travel with friends, families, groups, or couples. With the development of the Hazara Motorway and well-developed and broad roads, it’s very convenient to visit Naran. There is no shortage of hotels and restaurants in Naran & Kaghan. Because of beauty, peace, and modern facilities, it has been extensively well-liked by national and international travelers for more than four decades. There are many Naran Kaghan tour packages available at reasonable prices. We have packages from both Islamabad and Lahore. From Islamabad, we have the tour package rate around 13,000, and from Lahore, it’s 14,000. We assure you to provide the best and the most satisfactory experience to our tourists.

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